Why you should use Mend

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  • Length shortening
  • Side tapered
  • Waist adjustment
  • Zipper change
  • Patch


  • Waist adjustment
  • Side Tapering
  • Length adjustment
  • Shoulder Adjustment
  • Body Adjustment
  • Re-cut Armhole
  • Strap Adjustment
  • Re-cut Neckline
  • Side Tapered
  • Length Adjustment


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About Mend Nigeria

We know how important your clothes mean to you, and we also know that the perfect fit on you is essential and to us this is a priority.

Our skilled staff is ready to satisfy your clothing repair needs, express sewing needs quickly, efficiently and most of all, affordably.

“Thanks to Mend, all my old clothes feel and look fresh and new, plus i loved the staff, best guys”

Francis, Lekki

Why you should use mend

Dedicated Tailors 

Our Tailors are highly efficient and dedicated to delivering quality services.

Accurate body measurements

Accurate body measurements..

Top notch clothing alteration service.

Top notch clothing alteration service.

Unbeatable turnaround time.

Unbeatable turnaround time.